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(Note : Demo Websites are all in Japanese language)

Demo Site – Heavenly Resort

This sample site is designed with a resort ski area in mind and features bold videos on the front page to create a strong visual impression. For leisure-related businesses, the key to success lies in how they can make their services stand out to their audience.

Demo Site – Travel

This is a demo site using the ‘SWELL’ theme, which includes several features such as a slider. With the development of various plugins and the high functionality of WordPress themes, it is possible to create highly customizable sites with no or low coding skills.

Demo Site – Digital

Demo ‘Digital’ created a sample site with an IT-related company in mind to provide an image that reflects this type of business. The Robotics/Drone page includes embedded YouTube video links, which have become an important element for websites in recent years.

Demo Site – House Clean

This website is designed for house cleaning service providers. Cleaning services are priced based on the area and specific tasks, and the top menu tab allows users to easily select the desired cleaning services. This is a type of site that presents a lot of price information in an easy-to-understand manner.

Reference Site – Yutori Nicori

This website was created to support child-rearing volunteer activities and uses the free ‘Lightning’ theme template. The overall design has a soft image that matches the atmosphere of the members’ activities, and the content is explained clearly in a short video on the top page.

Reference Site – NPO Revival Housing Support

This site is designed to be simple and easy to understand when viewed on a smartphone since there has been a significant increase in mobile users browsing websites. The theme is free, but the reputable ‘Lightning’ theme is employed.