Power up your website with AI

Recent technologies like ChatGPT/GPT4 are bringing innovative changes to many industries. At IT Assist, we utilize the latest AI to offer website creation services that are quick and low-cost.

Rapid content generation

By using AI technology, content creation time is greatly reduced. Our clients come from a wide variety of industries, and it can be difficult for website creators to write product/service descriptions, list differentiators from competitors, and select appropriate images and illustrations without client input. However, AI can provide an accurate template quickly, reducing the amount of time spent on human work to only final selection and fine-tuning. Additionally, AI excels at tasks that humans struggle with, such as effective SEO strategy.

Create copyright-free content with image generation

Many companies spend a significant amount of money purchasing images for their websites. It takes a lot of time and expense to research and select unique images that don’t infringe on copyright. By using image generation AI (like Midjorney or Stable Diffusion), it’s possible to compress time and cost. Websites require continuous updates to remain relevant, so the running cost of images can be significant. Implementing AI provides significant advantages.

Generate photos that don’t exist in reality

One of the advantages of AI is its ability to create scenes and people that don’t exist in reality, adding value that was not previously possible. The image below was created using the Text-to-Image feature of AI. With AI, it’s possible to create unique, low-cost website designs that competitors don’t offer.

Automated generation and editing of promotional videos

With AI technology, it’s possible to generate digital human spokesperson profiles for promotional videos without hiring an announcer. Narration can also be provided in multiple languages, not just Japanese. As video editing becomes increasingly automated, AI will become increasingly important in creating all necessary website materials.

You can click the play button in the bottom left to watch the video on the right. Although this service has just started, we will be able to create even more high-quality materials at a more affordable price in the future.

It is possible to freely change faces to other people, and voices can be produced in various tones, as well as in many languages (including English, Japanese, Chinese, and more than 100 other languages). (Although the Japanese used here is a bit unrefined, we expect this to rapidly improve.)

Building a Multilingual Website

With the end of the COVID-19 pandemic, the inbound market is experiencing a rapid increase in foreign tourists, and a multilingual website is necessary. In the past, building a multilingual website, including translation, required significant costs, but with AI technology, IT Assist can provide multilingual websites at very affordable prices. Multilingual sites not only require initial costs, but also involve a lot of work and cost to change content to suit the business environment. Utilizing AI maximizes the overall cost-performance.

Personalized Website Building

AI technology enables us to analyze user behavior. Based on that data, we can identify areas for improvement on the website and improve the user experience without the help of experts.

User Analysis by Artificial Intelligence

With AI technology, we can analyze user behavior. Based on that data, we can identify areas for improvement on the website and improve the user experience without the help of experts.

More functions will be added shortly