Your own Website

Have your product/services well-known to People

Everyoen visits your website (Home Page) to know all about your product and services

Attractive web site will let people understand and trust you better

This is the first step for building connections with people

When you have your own website prepared,

Add on SNS such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, etc

This will further expand your connections with clients

We use WordPress, the most Popular CMS(Templates)

WordPress is the best and most well-known website builder(CMS).

We can also use other CMS, Wix and Jimdo upon request.

‘The Features of WordPress!

100s of templates (Themes) and plug-in available,
Meet almost all your needs,
Easy to customize fitting your preferances
Quick to learn with easy maintenace features
SEO includes as standard option



Abundant Themes

We consider expansion features from the beginning

Operation & Maintenance requries considerations on

  • Free use of Themes if possible, but needs deeper knowledge in utilization
  • The lowest cost in introducing your domain name
  • Minimize the operaton cost of rental servers
  • We provide basic trainings for you to keep the Web site updated

We try to maximize your cost performace from your view points

Process of Introducing and starting up Websites with WrodPress

It wll starts with ‘Hearing’, i.e. Listneing to your needs about Websites

Demo Web Sites

This is a sample web site showing Blog example. WordPress them”SWELL” is used for this site. Several functions are included in the site. WP has been growing daya by day with many additional functions, which gives you a greater freedom to create what you really want. We are alway ready to assist you with expanding your business.

Demo 02 sample web site is shown which could be used for IT companies. Normally, IT service companies have greater number of different services. Accordingly, you will need more variations to express your services in a different way. WordPress will provide you with exactly what you need.