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Make your products/services known to the world

People visit your website (Home Page) to learn everything about your products and services

An attractive website will help people better understand and trust your brand

This is the first step to building connections with your audience

Once you have your own website,

be sure to add on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and others

This will further expand your network and connect you with more clients

We use WordPress, the most Popular CMS(Templates)

WordPress is the best and most well-known website builder(CMS).

We can also use other CMS, Wix and Jimdo upon request.

Discover the Features of WordPress!

  • Choose from hundreds of templates (themes) and plugins to meet almost all your needs.
  • Easily customize your website to fit your preferences.
  • Quickly learn how to use it with simple maintenance features.
  • Includes SEO as a standard option.



Abundant Themes

We consider expansion features from the beginning

Considerations on Operation & Maintenance

  • Free use of themes is possible, but it requires a deeper understanding of how to utilize them effectively.
  • Get the lowest cost when introducing your domain name.
  • Minimize your operational costs when renting servers.
  • We provide basic training to help you keep your website updated.

We strive to maximize your cost-performance from your viewpoint

Process of Introducing and starting up WrodPress Websites with

We begin with ‘Listening’ to your needs and requirements for your website

Demo Web Sites (Japanese language only)

Demo – Heavenly Resort

This sample website is designed to resemble a comprehensive resort ski resort, with bold videos placed on the front page to create a strong visual impression. For companies in the leisure industry, while the content of the service is important, it is crucial to leave a strong impression on viewers and capture their attention.

Demo – Travel

This is a sample website showcasing a blog example. We have used the WordPress theme “SWELL” for this site, which comes with several built-in functions. WordPress has been continuously improving with the addition of many new features, giving you greater freedom to create exactly what you want. We are always ready to assist you in expanding your business.

Demo- Digital

Check out our Demo 02 website template designed for IT companies. With a variety of services offered by IT companies, it’s important to showcase them in unique ways. WordPress offers endless possibilities for customization, ensuring you can express your services in the best way possible.

Demo – House Clean

This website is designed for house cleaning service providers. House cleaning is priced based on the area and type of cleaning, and this website is designed so that customers (users) can easily select their desired cleaning services from the menu tab at the top of the page. It is a site that presents many pricing information in an easy-to-understand way.

Actual Demo – Yutori-Nikkori

This website was created for the launch of a volunteer group’s childcare support activities. It uses a free theme template called “Lightning”. We created the entire site with a soft image that matches the atmosphere of the group members. The content is explained clearly in a short video on the top page.

Actual Demo – NPO Revival

This site has a simple layout that is easy to understand when viewed on a smartphone, targeting smartphone users. Recently, there has been a significant increase in the number of people viewing websites on their smartphones, so responsive design has become increasingly focused on optimizing for smartphones. The theme used on this site is free, but we chose the reputable Lightning theme.