Starting Small for Success

Managing a website with a large number of pages can be quite challenging. Instead of setting your sights on something grand right from the beginning, it’s wiser to commence with a smaller number of pages and graphics, then incrementally enhance it to create a better website. There are various methods for website development, including integrating it with social media networks, and you can progressively tailor it to meet your specific requirements.

Let’s embark on this journey of growth together!

Fees (for People outside Japan)

In terms of the fees, they are primarily donation-based. Please feel free to reach out to discuss videos, edited photos, and any other services in advance via email or other means. Subsequently, I will take care of the production and deliver the results over the internet. Once you’ve received the finished work, please make a payment with your credit card for a fee that you find agreeable. Our goal is to establish a mutually satisfying and harmonious relationship with no disputes from either party.

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